IPiN Evolution has been developed to make reporting and administration simple and efficient across the network.

Every event that occurs on the IPiN network is logged and stored. These events are displayed on our user friendly 'Reporting Dashboard' and 'Admin Toolkit' and can be accessed via password from any authorised PC or device.


Maintenance & management

Wandsworth Healthcare has created a number of tools and functions to ensure the effective maintenance and management of IPiN. 

  • Statistical Data Analysis: To improve the efficiency of your IPiN System. 
  • Remote access and diagnostics. 
  • IPiN Admin tools: Giving authorised staff site wide management access.
  • Instant fault reporting to a central point or designated mobile device.
  • Outstanding service & Maintenance contract backup available.


IPiN Gathers and stores a wide range of information. This data can be analysed in any form, using a variety of metrics such as 'Per ward' or 'Per month' assisting you in identifying and rectifying any potential problem areas, or when carrying out a wider review of efficiency within your healthcare facility.

Information stored includes:

  • Mean response times
  • Fault calls
  • Call volumes 

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