Wireless call system

The Safecall wireless system is a low cost, yet advanced wireless nurse call system offering fast and easy installation.

A flexible solution, the wireless nature of Safecall means that call points can be easily re-located in any required location - ideal in situations where layout or building changes are taking place.



Safecall Nurse call transmitter

The Safecall nurse call transmitters incorporate the latest in wireless technology.  The nurse call transmitter has the following features and benefits:

  • Reassurance LED
  • Reassurance Sounder
  • High quality LED message display
  • Buttons colour coded in accordance with the latest HTM guidelines
  • Antimicrobial for infection control
  • Safecall 'Pear push' can be added for use with nurse call transmitter

Safecall Nursecall display panel

Our simple to install and use Safecall system is based around a nurse call display panel and shows detailed information including call type and location:

  • 15" TFT flat screen
  • Clear full text layout with optional mapping facility
  • Bespoke standby screen graphics (optional)
  • Up to 4 hours back up battery power
  • Each call type allocated a different sounder tone


  • Secure and safe frequency channel for all calls to operate on
  • All alarm signals are processed by a two-way acknowledgement protocol
  • Lets a member of staff check for the next call from any patient call point
  • Provides the option for nurse presence, allowing staff to easily locate each other
  • Antimicrobial for infection control
  • Flexible, wireless nature means Safecall is an easily relocatable nurse call solution

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