Fully IP Nurse Call

10 Key Considerations when Specifying a Nurse Call System

With Nurse Call systems playing an ever more important role in patient monitoring and communication, our Northern Area Sales Manager, Richard Eveson, outlines the key considerations any Trust or Consultant needs to make when selecting a Nurse Call System.

Richard has vast experience within the nurse call sector, having been involved within the industry for over 20 years and during that time working for the leading providers. Having recently worked with hospitals in Manchester, County Durham, Darlington and North Tyneside, to specify Wandsworth IPiN Nurse Call System, with over 150 beds soon to experience a Full IP Nurse Call System, he is well placed to provide the key considerations.

  • Integration with other Healthcare Solutions

There are many products on the market designed to bring benefits to patients and the clinical team, it is important to select a nurse system that can integrate these devices into its system. A good example is assistive care devices such as pressure mats for dementia care.

  • Flexbile to changing ward needs

The role a ward plays can vary over the period that the nurse call system is installed, therefore it is essential that the nurse call system can be flexible and adaptable to the changing needs and that this adaption comes at a low cost.

  • New Technology Integration

New technological advances are continually developed for the healthcare sector, it is therefore vital that the selected nurse call system can evolve and integrate these new advances.

  • Mobile Alerts

Many clinical staff are constantly on the move so any provider should have a system or solution that allows connection to a mobile device and be able to provide all the relevant information in a clear design to that device.

  • Reports

A nurse call system should provide the ability to quickly access data and reports, providing key data on essential KPI’s required to run a hospital. With detailed information available on the performance of care on a ward and bed.  The Reports should include call volumes, mean response times, system faults, enabling quick identification of problems plus the evidence on any litigation cases.

  • After Care Support

A well-maintained system should never go wrong, so ensure the provider offers a care support package to deliver reassurance that any potential faults are identified and then rectified.

  • Training

The Nurse Call System can have all the best technology in the world but if the users do not understand how to operate it, then it fails to deliver the potential benefits that it can bring. Therefore, ensure any provider delivers a training program to the users of the system.

  • System Management

With the changing needs of a ward, it is important that trust estate staff can access the administration portal of a nurse call system to allow for amendment of minor details such as room names and sounder volumes.

  • Experience to Deliver

Select a provider who has proven track record of successfully installing and commissioning Nurse call system, for both large new projects or smaller ward upgrades.

  • HTM08-03 Compliance

Every system installed should comply with the relevant standards, regulations and guidelines set out in the Healthcare Technical Memorandum 08-03.


Wandsworth Healthcare IPiN Evolution Nurse call system is a dynamic, future-proof system. As a Full Internet Protocol system, it can integrate and adapt to the changing needs and technologies that a hospital may wish to incorporate.  With innovative solutions such as IPiN Mobile, an app that provides nurse call on the move and an admin toolkit for authorised staff, Wandsworth Healthcare IPiN Evolution delivers on the key considerations for a nurse call system.