At Wandsworth, we want to provide you with a well-designed, well-built and well-maintained nurse call and communications system. One which helps staff work effectively, while maximising the treatment and wellbeing of patients.

To ensure IPiN is integral to your healthcare facility we take the PATIENT approach:


nurse-call-charter-pPatient Experience

Improving the experience of patients by allowing them to effectively relay needs to staff, and enable staff to prioritise and manage patient requests ensuring the best possible care.


A lower long-term cost of ownership through greater reliability, reduced IT costs and providing hardware and software compatible with new or different systems and technologies.


Combining the latest technologies with open standards to allow our solutions to easily adapt to future advances and ensure a system that is always fit for purpose.


Internet Protocol (IP) is the most reliable and cost-effective option for mission-critical healthcare communications. IP enables a wide-range of capabilities such as centralised administrative and management features critical to high standards of patient care.

nurse-call-charter-eEngineering excellence

A complete service from manufacturing and install through to maintenance, simplifies network and contract management and reduces inefficiencies and communication issues.

nurse-call-charter-nNetwork flexibility

We provide a flexible IP network that can be easily re-routed, extended, re-purposed or added to, allowing it to evolve alongside your healthcare communications and technologies.

nurse-call-charter-tThird party integration

Through IP connectivity, our nurse call system allows for the simple integration of third party hardware and software, giving the freedom to add features from any provider.



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