Innovators of the Nurse Call Sector


Wandsworth was founded in 1904, and have been at the forefront of technology for the built environment longer than anyone else.  We  have been designing and manufacturing healthcare solutions for over 50 years but  have been involved in the sector since the 1920’s when we supplied sparkless switches and sockets to healthcare facilities.

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Nurse Call Handset | Upgrade Offer

Nurse Call Handset

The Nurse Call handset plays an important role in the ability of patients to communicate with nurses and other clinical staff.

For this reason, we continually invest in developing our handsets to ensure they provide the latest technological advances.  By investing and improving the handset, the patient is delivered a better experience.  A modern looking handset also provides a level of assurance to the patient that the system they are using is up to date and effective.

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Helping our Partners: BIM Files

Wandsworth Healthcare seeks to develop partnerships with all stakeholders in healthcare projects. We believe by creating good working relationships our partnerships can flourish and together we can provide healthcare institutions with the most cost effective, technology advanced solutions that will help deliver the best patient experiences.Continue reading