Innovations in Nurse Call Systems

Female doctor using a tabletIt goes without saying that innovation in healthcare is vital, but when it comes to nurse call systems things have remained consistent since the original relay systems were implemented.

While the equipment may have been modernised and the technology powering them significantly improved, the design principle of nurse call systems have and will likely operate on the same principles for years to come.

That said, innovation in design and technology continue to spur great improvements in patient care, but also enable staff to better optimise their time and save trusts, private care providers and NHS hospitals substantial costs across maintenance, staffing and even mitigation.

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More than just care: The cost-benefits of Nurse Call Systems

doctor or nurse talking to patient in hospitalIn addition to improving the quality of care for patients, well designed and implemented nurse call systems can provide significant cost-savings for Trusts, Contractors and Care Homes.

First and foremost, at their core, nurse call systems are life safety systems- critical systems that must work as effectively as possible to benefit healthcare providers, patients and staff alike.

However, while investing in nurse call systems that on first glance appear cheaper might seem like an attractive option, if lacking in durability, or being of average quality, they are likely to cost healthcare provider and owners more in the long-term. For example, those who opt for cheaper handsets may find themselves changing batteries more frequently, while the handsets themselves may be more susceptible to damage, therefore requiring replacement more often.

Faults like these don’t simply lead to cost hikes. They can have serious implications on the quality of care offered to the vulnerable.

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Wandsworth bolsters IPiN nurse call team as part of investment in healthcare sector

Stuart-Guest-ImageWandsworth Healthcare (, a leading provider of innovative nurse call systems, today announced the appointment of Stuart Guest as National Framework Manager.

With 25 years experience of developing and delivering nurse call and communications solutions to large hospitals, his remit includes working with major hospital projects in the UK and internationally to provide them with cost effective patient communications systems.

Adam Sherry, Managing Director of Wandsworth Group commented, ‘Stuart’s appointment to the medical team allows us to better focus our new product development on customer needs whilst offering the most innovative and patient- centric solutions. His experience spans sales, development, engineering and installation which will help us exceed the demanding needs of our customers.’

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