Innovators of the Nurse Call Sector


Wandsworth was founded in 1904, and have been at the forefront of technology for the built environment longer than anyone else.  We  have been designing and manufacturing healthcare solutions for over 50 years but  have been involved in the sector since the 1920’s when we supplied sparkless switches and sockets to healthcare facilities.

Not only are we the longest provider of nurse call systems in the industry but we are also the leading innovators,  having developed many of the now standard products.  We continue to develop our offering to ensure they meet today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare facilities needs.

Our latest IP nurse call systemIPiN Evolution has moved the IP to the bed offering on again, by utilising the latest hardware and software. Complementing this new system is the futuristic nurse call handset that has set a new standard in what Trusts and Patients should expect from their handset.  The headline image highlughts the evolution of our handsets over the past few decades.

With more than 50 years’ experience in healthcare, whatever your networking and technology requirements. Wandsworth has the experience and expertise to deliver.  Always striving for best in class, we develop innovative products to help staff work effectively, while maximising the treatment and wellbeing of patients.  Look out for exciting new innovations over the next few months.

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