Nurse Call Handset: A New Standard

Nurse Call handsets play a vital role in the ability of patients to effectively communicate with Nurses and other Clinical staff. That is why at Wandsworth Healthcare we continually invest in developing our handsets to ensure they provide both the latest technological advances plus improve patients’ experiences.

Our new handset is ergonomically designed and sets a new standard for nurse call handsets.  Designed to be backwardly compatible with existing IPiN Nurse Call systems, the new handset not only improves the patient experience but reduces maintenance costs.

Design Features 

Maintenance Reduction Design Features

  • Removable and Replaceable cable allowing for quick, easy and low cost replacement
  • Quick release socket connection – Releases under excessive force preventing any damage
  • IP67 rated dip sterilisable
  • Antimicrobial, wipe clean membrane
  • Replacement handsets are brand new, unused handsets – No refurbishments

Patient Experience Design Features

  • Stylish Ergonomic design
  • Clear icons to identify handset functions
  • Improved Night Light Reassurances button



We offer several variants of our Nurse Call Handset , all with different levels of functionality.  Each handset complies with HTM08-03 , has a large Amber Patient Call button, that is illuminated at night and comes with 2 metres of flexible cable, which can be increased to 4 metres upon request.




Having been at the forefront of Nurse Call development for over 50 years, our new Nurse Call handset continues our proud tradition of developing and improving Nurse Call systems and we believe that the  handset, has set a new standard for both patient experience, infection control and providing future-proof solutions.

 Existing Customer Upgrade Programme – Special Offer

We are offering all customers with previous handset models, a special 35% Discount if they undertake our upgrade programme to the new handset.  The upgrade to the new handset provides all the benefits outlined above.  So not only will you provide a better patient experience but also reduce maintenance costs.

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