Nurse Call on the Move

The latest issue of HEJ highlights our IPiN Mobile app.  IPiN Mobile is our innovative solution that provides a Nursecall station on the move.

With the ability to deal with patients’ requirements whilst away from the nurse station, it enables nurses to be more responsive to patients and deliver greater efficiency.  Working as a portable nurse call station, it displays the IPiN Nurse Call screen on Android smart devices.   The user friendly interface enables nursing staff to easily communicate with patients whilst on the move and transfer calls to the appropriate staff member if required.  By providing this facility, this additional functionality to the nurse call system, improves both efficiency and patient experience.

The IPiN Mobile solution, an innovative nurse call extension, provides assistance to healthcare environments that require nursing staff to cover large areas or a greater number of patients.  It is a particularly good resource during night shifts.

System Features

-Enables individual staff, via mobile phones, to receive calls only relevant to them
-Calls displayed in colour and by priority
-Phone will display the location of the call
-The Phone will emit audio alerts
-Delivers to a standard Android mobile phone over a Wi-Fi network
-Easy to use website interface for the configuration of call and user allocation plans.
-Web-based management interface, allowing full secure administration of the system

IPiN Mobile is another solution delivered by Wandsworth Healthcare that delivers on our focus to improve the experience of patients whilst helping to improve operational efficiency, vital at this time when budgets continue to be under pressure.