We offer a wide variety of patient handsets offering nurse call, entertainment control, bedlight control, catering/housekeeping call buttons and crystal clear two-way speech facilities.

Our handsets are backwardly compatible with all previous versions of the IPiN nurse call system. 


IPiN Handsets Interactive




Nurse Call Button


Bedlight Key


Programme Select Buttons


Volume Control Buttons




Design Features

  • Handset is backwardly compatible with existing IPiN Systems
  • Antimicrobial, wipe clean membrane, casing and silicone grips
  • IP67 rated, so handsets can be dip sterilised
  • Interchangable handset membrane with to accommodate a design of your choosing
  • Curved handset with 24mm profile for ease of use
  • Crystal clear two way calling between patients and nurses using the hospital's IP network
  • Handset speech conforms to industry standard SIP/VoIP protocols
  • Ergonomic design with bright reassurance lights for peace of mind


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