Times change and so do healthcare facilities...

Because our IPiN nurse call system uses industry standard IP, it is a flexible, future-proof solution that can be easily adapted for change.

With IPiN it is simple to add and integrate both third party and Wandsworth solutions to your network when your staff or patient needs demand.



IPiN Mobile

IPiN Mobile offers an integrated, easy to use and portable means for hospital staff to transfer and receive calls. IPiN Mobile displays the IPiN Nurse Call screen on Android mobile phones, providing IPiN Nurse Call functionality on the move, enabling quick and efficient reaction to calls.

  • Enables individual staff, via mobile phone, to receive calls only relevant to them.
  • Delivers to a standard Android mobile phone over a Wi-Fi network.
  • Easy to use website interface for the configuration of call and user allocation plans.
  • Web-based management interface, allowing full secure administration of the system


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Examples of Integration

Mobile telephony

Communication is vital in the healthcare environment. Through an extension of VoIP, it is possible for staff to talk or message each other using mobile technology over the IPiN Evolution network.

Nurse presence

Knowing where staff are while on duty is crucial for workflow analysis and improved efficiency, it also allows for quick location by colleagues when they are needed. IPiN integrates with a wide variety of nurse presence solutions that can help your staff provide more efficient and effective patient care.

Staff attack

Staff safety is imperative. IPiN Evolution can integrate with a variety of staff attack technologies that will enable staff to raise the alarm and be located quickly, efficiently and safely. Evolution allows calls to be either fixed or mobile, meaning that, should you wish, staff movement can be traced following the raising of the alarm.  

Wandering patient

Knowing where patients are is vital to ensuring their safety and well-being. IPiN Evolution supports wandering patient solutions using radio frequency identification to make sure a patient remains within a designated area such as a ward or a wing. 

Lighting controls

IPiN Evolution is able to support a wide range of lighting control products and can even allow lighting levels to be monitored centrally, enabling energy efficiency savings to be made.

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