South Tyneside Opts For Wandsworth’s iPin Nurse Call System

IPiN Provides Flexibility Required from Nurse Call Systems

South Tyneside Hospital - IPiN Nurse Call InstallationHealthcare technology specialist, Wandsworth Group, has installed its IPiN Ethernet-based nurse call system into the Cardiac Ward, Accident & Emergency Unit and Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) of South Tyneside Hospital as part of a rolling upgrade programme.

The Wandsworth team has already completed the IPiN installation in the A&E, Integrated Emergency Care, SCBU and Wards 6 & 7 as part of the general refurbishment programme. IPiN units were installed for each of the 30 beds in Ward 6 which combines cardiac care & integrated emergency provision. The SCBU installation involved 6 units installed on Medical Service Columns. Wandsworth & the Trusts Estates Dept. will be moving onto the next phase of the refurbishment gradually providing the flexibility and future proofing advantages offered by IPiN across the hospital.

IP nurse call supports integration of healthcare services

Explains Dave Aubrey from Wandsworth: “The IPiN system offers the flexibility of a wireless system with hard-wired reliability to provide a highly functional nurse call system that is simple to use for patients and offers advanced functionality for both nursing staff and hospital management. The full colour, touch screen nurses’ station display unit locates and prioritises calls while the Ethernet-based system records valuable management data regarding call frequency and response times. Thanks to the hard-wired nature of the system it can be integrated with a traditional ‘lamps’ system in the corridors, while offering future flexibility to reconfigure the layout without having to re-wire.”

Wandsworth has managed the IPiN installation process in a live hospital environment working closely with the team at South Tyneside Hospital to minimise disruption to patients and staff.

Dave Aubrey adds: “IPiN has become the market leading nurse call system for both new build installations and retrofits, so installing the system in a working hospital is a routine brief for us and we will always work with the hospital team to ensure that we complete the installation as quickly and seamlessly as possible.”