Wandsworth Healthcare assist local residents in clean-up

On Wednesday 11th May Woking was hit by unprecedented heavy rainfall, the result of which was road closure throughout the city.

Some residents in Sheerwater on Albert Drive next to our HQ in Woking Business Park were hit hardest with their homes flooded by sewage and required alternative accommodation.

Being part of the community for over 50 years the Wandsworth Group felt the necessity to assist these local residents with many employees coming from the local area.  As a result, a team from the company spent Monday cleaning out the affected residents houses plus power washing the gardens and pathways.   20 Volunteers were requested and we had over 40 offering help.  During the clean-up process, we noticed the cookers were destroyed so in addition we have offered to purchase new ones for the residents.

Adam Sherry, managing director of the Wandsworth Group, said: “We felt really bad for the people affected.

“Most of our employees come from the estate and have worked and lived here for 40-odd years – if they didn’t know the people who were affected, then they knew someone who knew them.

“We asked for volunteers and explained they would get full pay and we were expecting 20, but we ended up with 40 people volunteering because everyone wants to help out as it’s so close to home.”

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