Which Full IP nurse call system do the developers of the first IP system recommend?


Their Own

In 2006 Wandsworth Healthcare developed and launched the first IP nurse call system, IPiN and installed this system into Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham with over 1200 beds in 2008, which was the first installation of a IP nurse call system.

Our latest Full IP nurse call system – IPiN Evolution utilises the latest hardware and software, ensuring the maximum level of future-proofing through its capability to eipin-evo-nurse-callxpand and be integrated with third party products. Understand more about our market leading nurse call system IPiN Evolution here>>


Having been involved in the Healthcare environment since the 1920s’ when we supplied electrical solutions to hospitals, our reputation for quality and innovation resulted in a hospital asking us to develop a system that utilised our switches, so that when flicked they would trigger a light at the nurses station.   We further developed the system so that each bed had this functionality plus devised a display board which indicated to the nurse which patient required help, we called it a Nurse Call System.

Our innovation within this sector will never stop and we will continue to focus our  development on innovative solutions that improve a) patient care and b) operational efficiency .

Wandsworth Healthcare – A History of Innovation:


The innovative spirit and drive to deliver the best, is clearly illustrated through the evolution and nurse-call-handsetinnovation of our nurse call handsets, in which our latest version sets a new standard for nurse call systems. Our first handset was available from 1964 and since then we have continuously developed it, so we can provide the best solution.

The 1964 handset (shown right) was called ‘The Wanderer’ amd provided a switch for bedlight, call push button, radio programme selector and volume control.  Our latest handset is ergonomically designed with a curved 24mm profile with a large back-lit button for ease of use and provides clear two-way speech between patient and nurse.



The recent Health Estate Journal /IHEEM survey, highlighted how important innovation within the sector is.  With 80% of respondents claiming that new technology will play a key part in improving care service levelsiheem-2 and operational efficiency. With budgets being decreased or at best staying static yet the burden of care required from the NHS ever growing through an aging population plus other social factors, the need to invest and develop new innovative solutions that provide efficiency whilst not compromising on patient care levels is ever more important.

By working with Wandsworth Healthcare you know you are working with an experienced supplier who has a history of innovation within the sector and that can help, through technological innovation, meet the growing demands placed upon the NHS.

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Wandsworth Healthcare, future proof Full IP nurse call systems from a proven innovator.