Leaders in Nurse Call

Founded in 1904, we've been at the forefront of technology for the built environment for longer than anyone else.

We were first to design, manufacture and install a fully IP call system and remain the only UK company with a successful, operational and fully compliant nurse call system installed in a healthcare environment.


End to End Service

Wandsworth Healthcare offers a complete service to give you peace of mind and value for money. From conception to completion, we will guide you through the journey, making your ambitions into a reality.


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R&D Innovation And Future Proofing

Wandsworth Healthcare works closely with NHS Trusts to ensure its technology continues to meet the current and anticipated needs of our clients as well as adhering to the latest HTM guidelines.

Our research and development methods include Trust user group workshop meetings for feedback.


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Nurse Call Charter

At Wandsworth Healthcare we want  to provide you with a well-designed, well-built and well-maintained nurse call and communications system. One which will help staff work effectively, while maximising the treatment and wellbeing of patients. To ensure IPiN is integral to your healthcare facility we take the PATIENT approach:


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The Wandsworth Ward

Our on site demonstration facilities:

We have built three unique demonstration rooms at our head office, offering you the opportunity to see and interact with our equipment in a fully functioning, live environment. From containment solutions to Nurse call - including IPiN's impressive reporting and admin functionality, our equipment is here for you to explore.


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